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In this course, a student will learn

Practice on various shapes that are useful in jewellery design, measurement, concept on theme, sujni and stone shapes drawings and pencil shading.

Basic Course in Jadtar Jewellery Design (Necklace, Ear Rings, Pendants)

Basic Course in Antique Jewellery Design (Necklace, Ear Rings, Pendants)

Basic Diamond Jewellery Design ( Necklace, Ear Rings, Pendants, Rings)

All students will be imparted thorough knowledge and practice in design preparation (using pencil only)


Advance Course in Jadtar Jewellery Design (Necklace, Ear Rings, Pendants)

Advance Course in Antique Jewellery Design (Necklace, Ear Rings, Pendants)

Advance Diamond Jewellery Design ( Necklace, Ear Rings, Pendants, Rings)

Special Focus and concentration on international designs

Mastering various techniques for rendering lustrous metals and brilliant gemstones diamonds in professional quality illustrations (Staedtler Water Color Pencils and Poster Color)

Lectures on Jewellery Craft and Jewellery Technology together with site visits to enhance the knowledge

The other coverage areas will be jadtar jewellery designs for international market, two and three dimensional drawings.

Lectures on –

  • Types of Setting
  • Estimation
  • Indian Jewellery Design
  • International Design
  • Hall Marking
  • Marketing
  • Craft
  • Site Visit

Student is required to submit portfolio at the end of the course.

Student is required to undertake a project for practical jewellery design with any good reputed jewellery shop of their choice at least for 15 days and submit a detailed project report of the same.

Rhino CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Introduction of Rhino

Understanding Perspective Drawing,

Lecture on Basic Stone/diamond setting

Lecture on design estimation

Ornaments Drawing with isometric and orthographic view

Manual Designs converted in to 3D Models

Computed Aided Design Practice

Lecture on Computed Aided Manufacturing

Deep knowledge of Rhino

Introduction to Jewellery Craft

Stone settings

Fashion Jewellery

Silver watches

Casting Techniques

Latest Jewellery Technique

Pearl Stringing

Introduction of Pearl Stringing

Introduction of various types of beads, stones, pearls, imitation articles

Identifying and assorting the pearls, beads, stones etc.

Ghantan Works – Theory and practical

Thread Works – Theory and practical

Noting Works using thread – Theory and practical

Making of Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets, Ear Rings, Necklaces - Practical

Making of funky jewellery

Resham stringing

Diamond Grading

Introduction of Diamond Industry

Introduction of various Diamonds – Rough Diamond, Polished Diamond, etc.

Terminology and grade code used by diamond.Assorter, Manufactures and jewelers.

Lessons and Practical Training in color, cut, clarity and carat (weight) in

Basic identification of diamond and their counter parts,

Basic knowledge on treatment of diamonds for clarity or for color.


Identification of rough Gem stones and its simulates,

Identification of imitations, synthetic and composite stones,

Methods synthesis,

Methods to identify treated stones,

Organic material used as Gem

Scientific study of all gems,

Site visit will be conducted to enhance the knowledge.

Navgraha Gem Stone

Basic knowledge about all Nine Planets

Planetwise Gemstones

Basic Identification of Navgraha Gem Stone

Use of Navgraha Stone in Astrology