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The vision

NIJD has been founded as a center for excellence in Jewellery design. The vision of the NIJD is to provide best education and training in the field of all aspects of jewellery design at par with international level in order to help the people from Gujarat to compete with the changing scenario in the national and international market.

As a center for excellence in Jewellery Design, the institute aims at gaining impetus as a fountainhead of information in jewellery designing, manufacturing and sales of designer Jewellery.

NIJD is poised to reach an enviable position as a market leader in the field of education of jewellery design and continue to contribute to research and development in the area of jewellery designing for the betterment of Indian jewellery industry, as a whole.

NIJD is committed to develop entrepreneurship among the young generation and solve unemployment problem. In other words, we have been providing placement services to our students in various positions with reputed jewelers who look forward to us for providing trained and talented professionals.

The mission

The mission is to set up an institute for Jewellery Design which can offer a range of academic and carrier options for aspirants and focus on individual study as a catalyst for the transformation. The focus of the institute is to further the prospects of latest and innovative design, craft, and gemology, develop entrepreneurship and to create employment opportunity to deserving candidates within the industry.

The institute will provide a platform for exchange of information among International and National institutes and aims at creating an avant-grade hub of innovation.

The institute will propagate easy access of information to vernacular population. In addition, it will facilitate the people laboratory testing of gemstones and metals, and will also house a museum and gallery.

The Dhirajba Education and Research Foundation has set up Publication House which brings out a monthly bi-lingual magazine “jewellery digest” in order to provide the latest information pertaining to the jewellery market both in India and abroad.

Our Motto


NIJD has all the required infrastructure viz. most modern A/C class rooms, printed course materials, all equipments and machinery including latest computer lab.

NIJD has qualified and experienced Faculties both on Regular Cadre and on visiting faculty basis.

NIJD’s course materials have been designed in such a simplified manner that even a layman can easily read and understand the same. The course materials have been designed keeping in view that the student can easily get deep knowledge of domestic and international market designs, current market demand, how to prepare unique and innovative design with creativity.

NIJD has its own Research Team which is keeping constant vigil on the existing and changing scenario in the area of jewellery designing, world wide consumer taste, national and international requirements. As a result, NIJD brings about value addition to its courses to meet with the current demand and also keeps its faculties well informed.

NIJD, in select courses, is arranging for Jewellery Industrial Visits of the students so as to enable the students to understand the manufacturing processes and also the tools, equipments and machinery involved in jewellery production and also to enable them to understand the manufacturing process involved in every aspect of designing.